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This tea cup strikes a balance between rough and delicate. The glazed porcelain exterior dives from a kelly green hue into a light creamy band before descending into a deep earthy brown at the base of the cup.


The interior is lined in sterling-silver and contrasts against the bright green with just the right amount of difference. The overall effect is quite striking when paired with teas both light and dark.


This tea cup has a modified tulip shape, with a narrow base that widens into a slightly wider opening. It is an excellent shape for keeping the heat in the tea and nosing the tea after you've finished your three sips. Aroma lingers and builds after each brew, adding a pleasant aromatic experience to drinking your tea with this cup.


Silver has been used for centuries by noble and royal households to enhance the look and flavor of tea. Add a little royal charm to your tea setting with this delightful teacup!


Capacity: 50ml

Sterling Silver -Lined Green Porcelain Tea Cup

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