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Tea boards come in all shapes and sizes, but this is an excellent option for beginners! This bamboo tea board has just enough room for one gaiwan or teapot and a gong dao bei. Two gong dao bei also fit snuggly.


A tea board, also known as a cha pan, keeps your table dry by catching excess water that naturally occurs during a brewing session. It also acts as a tray to catch poured off tea. 


Bamboo and tea have been a natural pairing for hundreds of years. Both the light and dark bamboo colors compliment glass and white porcelain to create a fresh and clean tea aestetic. 


Cleaning the tea board is easy! After a tea session, immediately pour out the extra tea and give it a good rinse with boiling water. Then use a dry, clean towel to wipe down the board. If it still feels wet, leave it to air dry in an open space.


Dimensions: 10.6" X 5.5" X 1.2"

Small Bamboo Tea Board

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