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Get all three of the most popular Chinese oolong teas at the bar in one sampler! This sampler includes two Chinese yan cha (cliff teas) and one dan cong (phoenix oolong).


Yan Cha (Cliff Teas): Qi Lan & Que She

Qi LanExtremely aromatic with notes of wild flowers and grass. Long herbaceous and umami finish.

Location: Shi Zi Feng, Wu Yi Shan, Fu Jian Province, China (~300-500m elevation)

Cultivar: Qi Lan

Vintage: Spring 2021

Brand: Tea Drunk

Serving Size: 8g (makes 1L of tea)


Que SheRose, citrus pulp, and umami.

Location: Mi Tuo Yan, Wu Yi Shan mountains, Fu Jian Province, China (~300-500m elevation)

Cultivar: Que She

Vintage: Spring 2022

Brand: Tea Drunk

Serving Size: 8g (makes 1L of tea)


Dan Cong (Phoenix Oolong):

Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Shit): This dan cong (phoenix) Chinese wu long has a name to remember, but don't let that discourage you! This tea has lovely notes of fresh lily with a buttery mouthfeel.

Location: Dong Jiao, Feng Huang Shan (Phoenix Mountain), Chao Zhou, Guang Dong Province, China (~800-900m elevation)

Cultivar: Ya Shi Xiang

Vintage: Spring 2021

Brand: Tea Drunk

Serving Size: 7g (makes 1L of tea)

Chinese Oolong Tea Sampler

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