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Chi Gan is a red Chinese tea that has tannins of rose petals and a woodsy finish, giving it a whole-body multi-sensory dimension.


Location: Yang Zhuang, Wu Yi Shan, Fu Jian Province, China

Cultivar: Jin Mu Dan

Vintage: Early Spring 2022

Brand: Tea Drunk


Single packet: 5g

Box: 30g (contains 6 single packets)

Chi Gan | Red Tea

  • How To Brew

    Recommended Style: Gong Fu Cha - Closed Vessel Brewing

    Ratio: 5g/ 100 - 200ml

    Temperature: 95C/ 203F

    Rinse: 1 sec

    1st Steep: 3 sec

    2nd, 3rd, & 4th Steeps: 5-7 sec

    5th - 7th Steeps: 10-15 sec

    7th - 9th Steeps: 15 - 20 sec

    10th Steep: Kill Brew - As long as you would like!

    Notes: This red tea has a delightful fruity sweetness paired with a deep woodsy note! It's a lovely intro Chinese tea and makes an excellent cold brew if you want a refreshing drink.

    This tea is fairly easy to brew, though you risk loosing the sweeter notes if you brew too long in the first few pours. Experiment with brewing times, as what we suggest are simply guidelines!

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