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This celadon tea presentation vessel, also known as a cha he or tea lotus, is used to display the tea in between packet and brewing vessel. Not only does a beautiful cha he visually enhance your tea setting, it makes the process of examining tea a delight. 


This cha he mimics a leafy setting, with vines wrapping one edge of the cha he and a little frog in repose, just off center.


The practice of examining tea is benefical whenever you brew get to know your teas with more confidence. Examining tea before brewing is also a curtious and engaging way to show your guests which tea you have chosen.


Different cha he materials and colors can effect how you perceive the tea. Celadon is not only a term for color but the actual pottery type. Glazed wares mimic a "jade green", which was highly prized in Chinese imperial courts for centuries. It emboldens tea colors and provides a striking contrast against darker hued teas.

Celadon Ceramic Tea Presentation Vessel

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