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Gold lined vessles are tantalizing. The richness of color draws your eyes directly to the tea with each sip, promising exquisite flavor. Dark teas are especially magnificent, resembling molten gold swirling in your cup.


The exterior of this teacup is equally lovely, with a golden scene of a phoenix perched on a branch.


This tea cup is tulip shaped, with a bit of extra height. The combination of 24 karat gold and porcelian retains the heat, keeping your tea at brewing temperature for much longer than other materials.  These particular phoneix teas cups retain heat longer than any other tea cup in the shop.


Gold is a stable metal and allows the tea to interact the least with the actual vessel itself, meaning that the tea you drink from a gold lined tea cups maintains its truest self.


Capacity: 70ml

24K Gold-Lined Navy Porcelain Phoenix Tea Cup

Only 2 left in stock
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