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All Teas 25% Off

Save 25% on our White Tea 100% Soy Candles. Enjoy the luscious notes of wildflowers, citrus, and lemongrass found in our Chinese white tea without the effort of brewing.

Add a bit of drama to your tea journey. Browse our selection of artisanal and luxury Chinese style tea cups.


We collaborated with illustrator Paris Woodhull to bring you a tea tote with pizzazz. Throw your tea & everyday essentials into our 100% cotton tote for life on the go!


If you want to level up your tea game, then you're in the right place. The Tea Bar is all about three factors that define quality tea: TERROIR, CULTIVAR, & CRAFT.

Tea holds within it a complexity similar to wine. In fact, we often borrow wine based language to convey similar ideas within elements of tea such as terroir, cultivar, and craft. But what do these words mean within tea culture? 

Terroir is the region a tea comes from, often with great specificity in mind. We like to know as much as possible, from the elevation down to the exact village or family house.

Cultivar (also known as varietal) is the type of tea plant. Camellia sinensis is the tea plant species, but within that species we have many varieties. Large trees, short bushes, big serrated leaves, small delicate leaves. All of these varieties have different elements that tea makers can manipulate to create different flavors.

Craft is the way in which tea is made. Craft is constantly evolving with the growth of the industry and technology. Traditionally crafted teas, using handmade methods, often yield the most delicate, complex flavors. Unfortunately, these methods are time consuming and dying out as the industry pushes forward.


Founded in 2022, The Tea Bar started as a little five seater bar serving gong fu cha nestled inside the antiquarian bookstore called Addison's in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.


As we've grown, The Tea Bar has shifted into an online shop with the goal to supply you with farm-direct loose leaf teas a step above your regular bag of tea.

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